Vendor Profile: Sacred Gemstone

Sacred Gemstone

Kelly Brown




Wire wrapper and mineral collector, I create handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry in sterling silver and copper. Crystals, mineral specimens, semi-precious gemstone cabochons of many varieties.

Sacred Gemstone holds deep reverence for crystals and gemstones and their potential for use in self-healing and spiritual rituals.  Folklore about stones has been revered and honoured for centuries in all cultures. We aim to pass on these sacred traditions by sharing our crystal healing tools and inspired healing crystal jewelry.

Sacred gemstones offers an ever-growing collection of crystals, mineral specimens, raw and polished semiprecious gemstones and cabochons, all ethically sourced on our travels.

Sacred Gemstone Jewelry is designed and handmade with love and intention.  Each stone is hand-picked and masterfully set in clean, strong 925 sterling silver designs that best showcase the gems.

We draw inspirations from our travels, nature, ancient cultures, the mind-body connection, natural healing, sacred geometry, the cosmos and of course the gems themselves.

Sacred Gemstone Celestite  Sacred Gemstone Quartz  Sacred Gemstone Labradorite