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My father always used to say that it doesn’t matter and not to stress, if someone wants your product they will find you and buy it. I have worked using this logic, and it has made life so much easier.

I also chose very early on to add something else to that philosophy, even though people will buy what I am selling if I have it for sale, that doesn’t mean that I should not have the best of the best. Our customers deserve the best products, they deserve to look at what they bought and be proud of snagging that great deal or find the Diamond in the rough, and if you do please tell me so I can check if we have any Diamonds in our rough stones.

Our family has always aimed to make sure that when we buy Sugilite, we buy the best. If we buy Lapis, that it have the deepest blue we can find at the time, or if we buy Sodalite that it blows our customers away when they polish it even a little. Our family has a very bad people pleasing problem.

We are obsessed with delivery and making sure our clients are happy, and you can count on that.

Kindest Regards,

The Trade and Trust Inc. Family


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